Testing Your System: Testing your alarm system is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. It is the most important part of maintaining your alarm system. If your alarm system is monitored by an alarm company then you should be testing your alarm system thoroughly once a month. If you are not testing your alarm once a month, there is always a chance a failure has occurred (normally in phone connections) and you will not know your alarm is not functioning correctly until it is too late. Any time you do any work to your telephone line or telephone system it is a good time to do a test of your alarm system to the monitoring station (See below for more details).
Window Contacts: It is very important that when cleaning your windows that you take notice of the alarm contact and magnet on each and every window that opens. Both the contact and magnet are very important and a must for your alarm to work properly.

Motion Detectors: It is very important to keep your motion detectors dust free and clear of any obstructions that may block its view of the protected area or cause any easily preventable false alarms. Modern motion detectors in the alarm industry today have Pet Immunity and can be easily adjusted to accommodate most small and medium sized dog breeds. Bringing a new dog into your home may require that your motion detectors be adjusted for that breed.

Responder List: The responders are the people that will be called and informed of any alarm activity from your system in the event that your alarm should go off. Most people do not think of this, but it is an important part of maintaining your alarm system. A responder should be provided with a code for the system, a key to gain entry, and should be a trusted friend, neighbor, or relative that you are comfortable with and will act responsibly in your place if needed. The responder may be requested to meet the police and allow entry, disarm the system, ect.

Testing: Testing your alarm system is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. It is the most important part of maintaining your alarm system. We strongly recommend that you test your alarm system on a regular basis.

Below is a minimum testing schedule that we strongly recommend.

Daily/Weekly: Note any irregularities in the use of your system. Visually check your system for proper functions.

Monthly: Test your system’s siren and ability to communicate to our Central Monitoring Station by tripping an alarm with each protective device.

Perform a complete operational test of your system while the system is operating on the back-up battery alone. You must unplug the systems transformer to perform this test. Call our office for instructions.

If possible call our office to schedule for a complete system inspection by a Guardian Security Systems Technician.

Step-By-Step Procedures For Testing Your Alarm To Central Monitoring Station.

Step 1.  Call the Central Monitoring Station, verify your password and inform them that you will be testing your alarm system.

Step 2.  Arm your system and allow the delay time to expire.

Step 3.  Open a door, or a window, or trip any of the devices in your alarm system and allow the siren to sound for approximately 15 – 45 seconds (depends on phone connection and phone provider being used).

Step 4.  Disarm your system and call our Central Monitoring Station to verify that we have received the alarm signals.

This procedure may be done at anytime, 24 hours a day, any day of the year that you wish.